Joe Revay                                                                                      Matt Rossman

Lifetime friends since pre-school, these two "Grass Guys" know a thing or two about loyalty.  We understand the importance, and benefits that come from, building and maintaining positive relationships!  We realize the important things in life do not have a dollar sign next to them!  Once you meet us, it's easy to understand how we could carry these ideals into our business relationships as well!


What sets The Grass Guys apart from the countless other lawn care & landscaping companies is that WE ACTUALLY CARE!  We want to know how your son did at his ball game, or how your daughter's dance recital went.  For us, it's not just about maintaining your property; its about maintaining our relationship with YOU!  We take pride in everything we do, we never do anything half-heartedly!


Get in touch with us, The Grass Guys, to let us SHOW you what we're all about, because after all, talk is cheap!